Underwater Bride Photography

April 1, 2008

New Orleans photographer Kevin Beasley is acclaimed for his underwater bride photography, where he submerges women in wedding dresses in water. An article in the Providence journal discusses this as part of a larger “Trash the Dress” trend, where brides are photographer being “sassier,” “sexier,” and dirtier (though Beasley says these dresses are not trashed). Taking brides into an underwater environment represents the latest way to make your wedding singular and unique (underwater space is a sort of extreme space).


What is interesting is that in most of these photos, the brides are alone, floating in limbo, a white dress against a dark background. They are still, eyes open, sometimes gazing at their reflection in the surface, often gazing at the camera. Captured underwater, these women are preserved in a moment of stasis, weightlessness, and reflection after taking the plunge.