Shipwreck Central

May 2, 2008

Shipwreck Central is a website and online video channel for shipwreck enthusiasts (also the home of the TV documentary The Sea Hunters). The site releases the latest shipwreck news, has a “live dive blog,” and a  user contributed map of shipwrecks around the world (which also serves as an interface to viewing underwater video clips).

The site also pitches itself as an base for the shipwreck enthusiast community. There is an active message board with everything from people looking for research help to news about recently found shipwrecks, and there are educational modules for teachers.

Overall, the most compelling part of the site is the underwater video of the shipwrecks.  Like the narrative of the treasure hunt these videos follow, the viewer is guided down into the depths to see sites that rarely surface.  Some of these videos focus on the divers, who emphasize the beauty of the ships and the difficulties in getting to them, or the initial accident – many of the times this is part of an underwater archaeological expedition, intended to help reconstruct history. Other videos simply showcase the underwater wrecks themselves.