Hexapus photograph

March 4, 2008

Yesterday in the news: the first six legged octopus. From the BBC article:

“Octopuses need subdued lighting and flash photography can be fatal. But a quick-thinking staff member snapped the best picture he could before Henry found a different resting place with his legs tucked beneath him.”

Henry the Hexapus

This is the picture circulated with the news story: a privileged view of the hexapus’s underside.

What is the effect of our media practices (especially the lighting that we need to render images) on these animals?

Before Henry the most famous six-legged octopus appeared in the B-movie It Came From Beneath The Sea (1955) (noted on CNN.)


“Realistic Underwater Visualization” by Matt Aranha

February 29, 2008

In this paper, given at CESCG in May 2005, Aranha describes the challenges of modeling underwater scenes and generating accurate computer graphics of underwater environments. Since water is approximately 800 times denser than air, light acts differently and new rendering approaches are needed. He describes a system built to help overcome these limitations and generate more accurate simulations (and particularly lighting) of underwater spaces.

M. Aranha, Realistic Underwater Visualisation. CESCG, May 2005.