Underwater New York

October 16, 2009

Art, fiction, non-fiction, inspired by New York’s underwater spaces.



August 24, 2009

Another resource for those interested in ocean media, SeaOceanBooks is a website that sells maritime themed books. It contains a good collection of fiction and non-fiction on underwater environments: SeaOceanBooks.com.


Shark Break: Saving the Oceans in 15 minutes a Day

August 8, 2009

The latest in saving the world through digital media and games: SharkBreak.

You can embed all sorts of widgets, usually with cute fish and messages about ocean preservation, onto your computer desktop. The catch line is that it gives you a “creative, fun, relaxing environment” that would hopefully encourage reflection about the marine environment, which is also often positioned as a space for contemplation and relaxation (see tropical island vacations).
Not sure how effective the message is (or if there’s really an educational component), but I applaud the effort, especially the small sea animals that follow your cursor around. Also interesting is the attempt to “wigitize” marine conservation – here’s an approach that embeds small pieces into your digital environment (shooting for ambience), rather than producing another one stop shot website for conservation information.

National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library (and other web portals)

February 12, 2009

Another addition to the list of online sites distributing underwater media: NOAA has recently released the National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library.


In a news release on the site, they write that “The media library is part of a continuing NOAA effort to enhance public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the marine environment. It was created to provide a resource for numerous audiences, including students, educators, publishers, conservation organizations and individuals looking for compelling marine-related images.” As is common in many of these online underwater photo and video distribution hubs (see also, The Ocean Channel, EarthOCEAN, etc.) the spread of images is itself  framed as a potential mobilizer of environmental action. If we can just see the beauty under the surface, we will be compelled to stop the destruction.

These sites are fairly distinct from underwater media fan sites such as ScubaTube and AquaBank. These sites feature user generated content more prominently, forground the adventure of descending beneath the water, and tend to have images of female bikini-clad divers rather than environmentalist rhetoric on the periphery.

GoogleEarth releases new ocean layer

February 11, 2009

At last!

NOAA’s Ocean Explorer Website

June 21, 2008

NOAA’s National Ocean Service helps organize and carry out ocean explorations within the US’s thirteen marine sanctuaries and once ecological reserve. On their website they document (with photos, video, and text) many of these expeditions in detail. There is a significant educational component to the site: there is a section on the history of NOAA exploration, technologies of ocean exploration, a gallery of different types of media, and a variety of different materials crafted specifically for teachers, such as lesson plans. As the site states:

The NOAA Ocean Exploration program strives to engage broad audiences to enhance America’s environmental literacy through the excitement of ocean discovery. Increasing this literacy requires high-quality, effective collaborations between ocean explorers and America’s teachers. NOAA is forming such collaborations to reach out in new ways to the public to improve the literacy of learners with respect to ocean issues.

The vast amount of media on this site is meant to tie together scientific research with public environmental literacy (and potentially, activism). And the media itself is what makes the site a place for the “excitement of ocean discovery.” Users, or students, are encouraged to explore, dive into these explorations, each of which has a variety of media to sift through. The interface of the website itself, with a variety of different links (and evocative images) encourages this exploration as well.

The AquaBank

May 11, 2008

The Aquabank (established in 2007?) is an underwater video sharing website. Users upload their underwater videos and have access to over 20,000 underwater videos already on the site. There are adult underwater videos, celebrity videos, commercials, and a variety of other types of underwater media. Everyday there is a new stream of underwater video on AquabankTV.