This blog is a catalog and a collection of underwater media. This includes:

    • media systems, objects, and technologies that exist underwater (e.g. transoceanic cables)
    • scientific practices that mediate underwater space and animals for us (e.g. sonar)
    • the representations that are produced by these scientific practices (e.g. maps)
    • the development of underwater vision technologies and the media practices associated with them (e.g. underwater cinematography and film)
    • popular representations of underwater space (e.g. Finding Nemo)
    • experimental engagements with underwater space (e.g. What the Water Said)
    • out of water places where underwater images and sounds are circulated (e.g. Ocean Film Festival)
    • physical re-constructions of underwater spaces (e.g. aquariums, Sea World)
    • immersive environments (e.g. virtual reality)

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