Disney’s Oceans

Playing on screens now is the trailer for Disney Oceans, to be released Earth Day 2010.

One of the interesting things about this trailer is that most of it isn’t about the ocean, it’s about the history of Disney nature filmmaking (for further references on this check out Derek Bouse’s Wildlife Films and Gregg Mitman’s Reel Nature). And moreover, they go back to Bambi, an animated fiction film, as the historical precedent of this trajectory (as the inspiration for the True Life Adventure series). While most underwater films start with the captivating underwater imagery and then move into the fascinating “narratives” of marine life, Disney works the other way around, situating Oceans as the latest in the narrative of Disney’s engagement with nature. It is this emphasis on character and story (as opposed to the scope and spectacle of Blue Planet) that distinguishes the Disney series. (Thanks to Indy Hurt for the tip on this one.)


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