National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library (and other web portals)

February 12, 2009

Another addition to the list of online sites distributing underwater media: NOAA has recently released the National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library.


In a news release on the site, they write that “The media library is part of a continuing NOAA effort to enhance public awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the marine environment. It was created to provide a resource for numerous audiences, including students, educators, publishers, conservation organizations and individuals looking for compelling marine-related images.” As is common in many of these online underwater photo and video distribution hubs (see also, The Ocean Channel, EarthOCEAN, etc.) the spread of images is itself  framed as a potential mobilizer of environmental action. If we can just see the beauty under the surface, we will be compelled to stop the destruction.

These sites are fairly distinct from underwater media fan sites such as ScubaTube and AquaBank. These sites feature user generated content more prominently, forground the adventure of descending beneath the water, and tend to have images of female bikini-clad divers rather than environmentalist rhetoric on the periphery.


GoogleEarth releases new ocean layer

February 11, 2009

At last!

The Bottom of the Sea – video game

February 11, 2009

The Bottom of the Sea is an underwater video game in which you, as a diver, have the goal of getting to the bottom of the sea by jumping down from sea ledge to sea ledge.

Playing instructions: “Get on your suit and explore the mysterious sea.”


What’s interesting to me about this one is that, unlike many underwater video games, you are heavier than the water and sink pretty quickly. The danger (as in games in the sky) is falling to your death. But instead of climbing upward, you’re pulled down to explore the depths.

Energizer Bunny underwater commercial

February 9, 2009

Yet another addition to the underwater commercials. Here the Energizer bunny interrupts a commercial for the Adventure channel.