NOAA’s Ocean Explorer Website

NOAA’s National Ocean Service helps organize and carry out ocean explorations within the US’s thirteen marine sanctuaries and once ecological reserve. On their website they document (with photos, video, and text) many of these expeditions in detail. There is a significant educational component to the site: there is a section on the history of NOAA exploration, technologies of ocean exploration, a gallery of different types of media, and a variety of different materials crafted specifically for teachers, such as lesson plans. As the site states:

The NOAA Ocean Exploration program strives to engage broad audiences to enhance America’s environmental literacy through the excitement of ocean discovery. Increasing this literacy requires high-quality, effective collaborations between ocean explorers and America’s teachers. NOAA is forming such collaborations to reach out in new ways to the public to improve the literacy of learners with respect to ocean issues.

The vast amount of media on this site is meant to tie together scientific research with public environmental literacy (and potentially, activism). And the media itself is what makes the site a place for the “excitement of ocean discovery.” Users, or students, are encouraged to explore, dive into these explorations, each of which has a variety of media to sift through. The interface of the website itself, with a variety of different links (and evocative images) encourages this exploration as well.


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